"There is no surer way of evading the world than by Art; and no surer way of uniting with it than by Art"

Andrea Rozenberszki

Enamel Artist

Welcome to the Homepage of Andrea Rozenberszki Enamel Artist!

In our stressful life the beautiful and tranquil d├ęcor in our homes and offices becomes more and more important. It helps us to reduce the tension of everyday stress and to find peace among wonderful, genuine objects.

The presence of true art and true value is very important in our modern world, where most furniture and everyday objects and even the food are created in mass production and made by machines. Our artist works with a very special, ancient technique. All the details Rozenberszki makes by herself and all her works are unique and inimitable. I would like to recommend you to take a look at her artworks, which make excellent gifts very popular in Hungary, but they can also satisfy your desire for beauty and authenticity.

I wish you a pleasant time on our website and I hope some of our beautiful masterpieces will soon enrich your world with their splendor!

Yours Sincerely,

Rita Katona, a Friend of the Artist